Guides for Control Easy from Soehnle

Part of the instruction manual for the Soehnle Control Easy in English:
Entering personal data and weighing 1. Push ON/SET key. Use V/Wkeys to select memory slot and confirm (SET). 2. Then use V/Wkeys to set body height and confirm (SET). 3. Finally enter the target weight using the V/W keys and confirm (SET). 4. The 0-display will appear. Step on the scale for initial weighing. Please stand still for as long as the display flashes. 5. After determination of weight, the scale will display the body weight, the memory slot, the calculated body mass index and the difference of your current to your target weight....
Soehnle Control Easy
Manufacturer: Soehnle
Model: Control Easy
Size of the instruction manual: 1.49 MB
Category: Miscellaneous

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